How Folks Use ArcSite

Use ArcSite for project planning based on early estimates, schedules, field surveys, and construct-ability reviews. Control costs and deliver the project within budget and on schedule.
Replace pen and paper. Gather photos, dimensions, markups and other important site data quickly and accurately. Never revisit because a critical dimension is missing.
Generate professional as-built drawings, estimates, and take offs right from the field without going back to the office. No rework, no errors, no travel time--just faster results.
Create clear and precise drawings. Annotate and integrate photos, drop in issues, and fill out forms--all within the site plan--so the design, engineering, and installation teams create just what the client ordered.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Learn and Use

ArcSite’s user interface is fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use for every member of the team. No training or advanced degrees required.

Accurate, Precise Measurements

Draw and calculate exact measurements with the click of a button.

Keep Everything in Scale

Set the known measurements of one attribute and automatically adjust other objects to scale. Quickly draw site plans with accuracy down to a fraction of an inch.

Shared Library of Custom Shapes

Access our library of 2,000+ shapes or build your own custom library to suit your workflow.

Advanced Import and Export

No matter your workflow, ArcSite has you covered. Start with a PDF, photo, or draw from scratch. Export your work as CSV, PNG, PDF, or DWG file types.

Embed and Markup Photos

Take photos, mark them up, and embed directly in site drawings to give team members and clients a clear picture at every stage of a project.

Create Automatic Take Offs

Drop in shapes, lines, or areas with custom defined attributes to build your bill of materials right in ArcSite. Never miscount or miscalculate again.

Collaboration and Data Storage

Collaborate with the entire team on the most recent versions of drawings and store files with our AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Integrations and Open APIs

ArcSite takes care of the field work and our integrations connect the dots between software ecosystems to keep everything up-to-date and synchronized.
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